Friday July 15 Events

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The Tom Askey Band  6:30 Festival Opening

Singer/Songwriter Tom Askey finished a career in professional hockey that has spanned twelve years from 1996 to 2008 that saw him play at some of the highest leagues in the World, including a stint in the NHL with the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. Over that time, Tom also dabbled in playing guitar, singing, and writing music. His efforts have cultimated into a catalog of great songs. The “Tom Askey Project” is an attempt to get that music out to the public through Live Performance, the Web, and Word of Mouth.

Tom has been back and forth to Nashville a few times to perform and co-write with various people in country music. In addition, he also performed for and got the guidance and support from the Chili Peppers Writers group that was instrumental in the success of many local West Michigan talents including Dani Jamerson, Shelagh Brown and Frankie Ballard. Askey spent time in the band ’33’ local legend Nate Cremeans (formerly of ‘Dew South’), where he learned the ropes of running a successful country/Rock band. Tom is now on his own with a new great group of musicians and fronting ‘The Tom Askey Band’ with long time friend Chris Kooi on drums and veteran bass player Jamie Denison. The band will be playing all over West Michigan in addition to Tom’s solo performances.


STEVE PESCH   8:00 Friday night
Steve Pesch performs as a solo musician/entertainer/songwriter around the West Michigan area. Based out of Kalamazoo he brings 35 years of a guitar picking style that is purely his own. On the solo circuit since 2005, his shows range from Rock to Country and every niche within those genres. If a show calls for one set or four, he brings a style and energy that truly means a live show. His shows are known also for guest appearances by other artists from the music scene to add to the festivities. Whether you want to Rock Steady or kick up some Country Dust on the dance floor, you’ll find it, and then some!